Darjeeling Tea

Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Flush Darjeeling Tea

After a period of dormancy in the winter months, in March and April the bushes offer delicate new shoots, which provide a grey-green glazed leaf appearance, a light clear liquor, with fresh bright and lively character and a pleasant hint of mild astringency.

The teas currently available are
Goomtee (ftgfop-1)DJ-1:
Jungpana (upper/ftgfop-1)DJ-4:
Balasun (classic/sftgfop-1)DJ-4:
Pussimbing (ftgfop-1/Organic) DJ-1 :
Gopaldhara (ftgfop-1 clonal) DJ-17 :

The Codes after the product names are for batch and invoice numbers to make sure that we provide you with top-notch tea.

Goomtee Tea 
About Goomtee Tea
A top of the line super quality tea from one of the most prestigious plantation of Darjeeling. 
Being the 1st invoice of the garden, the leafs are well withered as a result of which the tea is extremely greenish in dry leaf state and in the cup, the tea has a very intense fruity and nutty flavor which ends with a very balanced briskness, A super refreshing tea of the season.

Item CodeNet WeightUnit Price
DJ/Goomtee1/100100 gm or 0.22 lbsUS $14
DJ/Goomtee1/500500 Grams or 1.1lbsUS $68
DJ/Goomtee1/11Kg of 2.2 lbsUS $126
About Jungpana

A finely plucked tea from some of the youngest china origin bushes of this prestigious plantation of Darjeeling, the leafs are well sorted as a result of which the dry leafs forms a very good brick on each other. 
This tea is extremely floral in the cup and creates that typical buttery and muscatel layer on the palate followed up by a mellow after taste. A true symbol of an exotic Darjeeling tea.

Item CodeNet WeightUnit Price
DJ/Jung1/100100 gmUS $11
DJ/Jung1/500500 gramsUS $52
DJ/Jung1/11 KilogramS $98

About Balasun Tea

A nicely sorted and well fired tea which has a very fruity cup that reminds of young fruits and flowers and an after taste that lingers on the palate for a long time without any bitterness. 
A perfect spring tea for the afternoon

Item CodeNet WeightUnit Price
DJ/Balasun1/100100 gmUS $12
DJ/Balasun1/5002 X 250 gmUS $53
DJ/Balasun1/14 x 250 gmUS $102

About Pussimbing

This is simply the best among the finest traditional 1st Flush teas that Darjeeling could conceive this year, its very difficult to procure teas from this plantation as it’s a very small plantation but highly reputed for growing quality Darjeeling teas, this tea is plucked from the pure china origin young bushes and has been sorted very well as a result of which almost all the leafs are of similar size in the tea, the blossom of the tea is very greenish and bright mainly due to the high altitude growth and early harvest factors, when infused the cup gives an extravagant high fruity aroma and an aftertaste that reminds of caramellic,honey and lemony like taste.
A majestic 1st flush tea for the tea connoisseur! 

Item CodeNet WeightUnit Price
DJ/Pus1/100100 gmUS $15
DJ/Pus1/5002 X 250 gmUS $69
DJ/Pus1/14 x 250 gmUS $130

About Goldapara Tea

A very fine clonal tea from this wonderful plantation of Darjeeling having a very bright blossom, the cup has a very high floral aroma with a smooth dry aftertaste that lingers around the palate for a much longer time than other usual clonal teas.
A very smooth 1st Flush tea for the perfect relaxation!

Item CodeNet WeightUnit Price
DJ/G1/100100 gmUS $9

DJ/G1/500500 gmUS $39
DJ/G1/1I KilogramUS $72